Building Functional Managerial Team



  • 21.02.2018
  • 17.10.2018



How to achieve that the management team pulls together? That the TOP managers leave the silo thinking by departments and focus on common corporate objectives. How to find the best solution if we're afraid of confrontation? How to achieve a good corporate culture if managers distance themselves from the company decisions? If you have the courage to start the journey towards an effective management team, here is the right place to start.




  • To improve co-operation in the management team.
  • Strengthen trust and open communication in the team.
  • Increase personal and mutual responsibility.
  • Increase the drive for reaching the common objectives.




  • On the way to a matured team

The characteristics of the coherent and performing management team 



  • Trust. 
    How to build and develop it. Better mutual understanding will help.
  • Free confrontation of ideas.
    I have a freedom to say how I see the things, I let the others to freely say how they see it. We are looking for the best solution together.
  • Commitment and involvement.
    One we agree on something, I keep my commitment and I am willing to contribute even if it was not my idea.
  • Mutual responsibility.
    We want to make the things as best as possible, therefore we give each other feedback on our work.
  • Focus on results.

The Zero-sum Game - experiential exercises that shows the outcome if managers prioritize their departments KPIs over the company ones.

Building a functional team

Link with the company culture



Daniel Bútora

As FBE coach, trainer, and project manager, he specializes in leadership development, project management, communication and personal growth. Daniel graduated from the international relations institute at the Charles University in Prague. Previously, he worked as journalist and mass-media communication expert – he also became the Director of Slovak section in Radio Free Europe/ Radio Radio Liberty’s Slovak section in Prague. He attended study stay at Hoover Institution, Stanford University, California, USA. At present, he is also active in education system management and issues related to education transformation in SK. He is a member of the Slovak association of coaches.

Main references:

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Rebeka Trepačová

Rebeka executes coaching, corporate trainings & development projects focusing on leadership, managerial skills, assertiveness, stress management and coaching. She graduated from the Philosophical Faculty at Comenius University. Rebeka has completed intense trainings of Virginia Satir Module under Professor W. Zahnd from Chicago University, USA, as well as short-term systematic therapy of Virginia Satir under Dr. John Banmen from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Main references:

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Ending 16:30

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The price includes the training tuition, study materials, lunch and refreshments. The training registration deadline is 7 days before the opening of the course.
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