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  • 07.03.2018


The training is focused on developing the participants’ ability to effectively cooperate in a team. Sound labor relations, ability to search for joint solutions and necessary trade-offs are the prerequisites for maximum use of cooperation potential. Ability to coordinate in team is a social skill that needs to be learned. This course is dedicated to development of these skills, utilizing interactive team games and exercises.


  • Learn how to improve the level of cooperation in the team.
  • Understand the causes of team dysfunctions.
  • Improve in the effective exchange of information.
  • Learn how to provide open feedback / express pleasant as well as less pleasant things


Focus on people

  • Getting to know colleagues.
  • When collaboration is the best way, the benefits of cooperation.
  • Types of employees and how to cooperate with them.

Integrity and reliability

  • Reliability and trust as a basis for cooperation.
  • Team dysfunctions.
  • Principles of agreements about tasks, agreements and commitments.

Building a good atmosphere in the team

  • Healthy working atmosphere in the team.
  • Clarifying expectations.
  • How to develop creative and productive atmosphere in the team and how we can destroy it.

Direct communication

  • Dimensions of behavior.
  • Me in the communication.
  • Providing of mutual feedback, positive and negative.
  • The PPP Method.
Training includes adventure team activity Building tower, aimed at ability to work as a team, search for an optimal solution a willingness to compromise in pursuit of the shared goal. The activity is followed by analysis led by trainer and bridged to participants practice.


Kristína Poláková

Kristína specializes in projects concernig managerial skills and communication skills. She graduated from the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava and completed study visits in various organizations in Germany and long-term trainings with international experts such as Günter Meurer – personal managements and human resources management, John Sipple – managing change process, John Marsh – TQM, or Shaun Browne – training of trainers and effective training methods. In FBE she works as a trainer and project manager in many companies in production, service and the managerial sector.

Main references:

Schaeffler Skalica, Fortaco, Hella Slovakia,SPS/UPC, Komerční banka, SLSP, Flaga, Grupo Antolin, ZSE, Consumer Finance Holding, ZUNO banka

Rebeka Trepačová

Rebeka executes coaching, corporate trainings & development projects focusing on leadership, managerial skills, assertiveness, stress management and coaching. She graduated from the Philosophical Faculty at Comenius University. Rebeka has completed intense trainings of Virginia Satir Module under Professor W. Zahnd from Chicago University, USA, as well as short-term systematic therapy of Virginia Satir under Dr. John Banmen from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Main references:

Generali, ZSE, PosAm,Schaeffler Kysuce, Tatra banka, ING bank, Slovak Telekom, Kros, OBI, ESET, PSS, ČSOB, HMH, Oracle, VOLKSWAGEN SLOVAKIA


Program1st day
Registration 8:30
Program 9:00
Lunch 12:00
Program 13:00
Ending 16:30

Price for training

 Standard priceDiscount. price
Price w/o VAT/pers. 220 € 200 €
Price with VAT/pers. 264 € 240 €

Variable symbol: 4074

The price includes the training tuition, study materials, lunch and refreshments. The training registration deadline is 7 days before the opening of the course.
Liptovská 10
821 09 Bratislava


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