Simulation ZAP
Three-round spy thriller with intense experiential learning



  • 28.02.2018


ZAP is a three-round simulation with a spy narrative. It is focused on development of team and inter-team cooperation, internal communication, discovering of solutions for optimal coordination, errors avoidance and improvement of measurable team performance (via KPIs). Elements of the simulation are customized to match the real work challenges of the participants with an emphasized focus on two-way communication, documentation and escalation process.



  • Improvement of cooperation within the team.
  • Setting the right priorities related to assigned objectives and KPIs.
  • Improvement of internal communication.
  • Increased understanding of cross-functional teams efficiency in process improvement.




Characteristic of simulation:

Goal of the team is to achieve maximum value of given KPIs, i.e. to develop maximally effective cooperation procedure. The game has three rounds. In between the first and the second round is an improvement workshop with objective to radically improve the team efficiency. In between the second and the third round is improvement workshop facilitated by trainer involving the improvement principles to further improve outcome. In the second and third round new process elements are included and complexity of the game gradually grows.

Analysis of the simulation is focused on:

  • Understanding of the assignment and requirements, prioritization and selection of solutions, optimizing the distribution of tasks and participants’ roles, system in the communication and cooperation, documentation, implementation of agreed measures and achievement of the results.

Course simulation

Round 1
In between the first and the second round is an improvement workshop to radically improve efficiency.

Round 2
Second round is more demanding and complex with more challenging targets. Ii is enriched with elements of documentation, further precision of communication and increase of team effectiveness. In between the second and the third round is improvement workshop facilitated by trainer.

Round 3
Third round once again increases the complexity of the assignment and is enriched with the element of escalation two-way information flow.



Tomáš Laurenčík

Tomas has been FBE Trainer since 2008. He focuses mainly on trainings in areas such as managerial skills, communication and phone communication, teamwork, personal development and outdoor teambuilding programs. Tomas graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education & Sports at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Shortly after his studies, he remained professionally in the same Faculty as an Assistant Professor. He continues to be active as the sport Chief Trainer and/or Chief Instructor.

Main references:

PosAm, BASF, VÚB, Deloitte Audit, HMH, Osram, Schaeffler Skalica, ZUNO, Hella Slovakia, Slovnaft, ZSE, SPS, Vacuumschmelze


Program1st day
Registration 8:30
Program 9:00
Lunch 12:00
Program 13:00
Ending 16:30

Price for training

 Standard priceDiscount. price
Price w/o VAT/pers. 220 € 200 €
Price with VAT/pers. 264 € 240 €

Variable symbol: 4068

The price includes the training tuition, study materials, lunch and refreshments. The training registration deadline is 7 days before the opening of the course.
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821 09 Bratislava


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