Thinking in Context
Analytical thinking



  • 14.02.2018
  • 05.12.2018



The course is arranged in an Escape Room type of game. Participants are fleeing from an old factory, which is set to explode in a given amount of time. Under the time pressure they need to proceed through several rooms, solving assigned analytical tasks to test and develop their skills and contextual thinking capabilities. At the same time participants familiarize with practical tools applicable in thinking approach and problem solving in their work practice.




  • To improve participants’ skills in dealing with situations requiring analytical thinking.
  • Develop analytical skills of the participants.
  • Identify situations where application of analytical thinking is appropriate.
  • Improve the work with information.




Analytical thinking

  • The basic principles.
  • Definition of analytical thinking.

The most common error and barriers of analytical thinking

  • Errors in thinking and judgment.
  • Barriers and obstacles in thinking.
  • How to trick the brain.

Phase of the problem solving

  • Use of analytical thinking in problem solving.
  • Defining the problem space.

Heuristic and algorithm

  • Comparison of the two approaches, advantages and limitations.

Work with information

  • Collecting information.
  • Selection of relevant information, its analysis and evaluation.
  • Solving a task requiring work with information.

Practical tools of analytical thinking

  • visualization, matrix, table ...



Patrik Tóth

Patrik specializes in consulting and development projects in the corporate areas of leadership, managerial skills, communication and sales skills. He graduated from the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava, studying Psychology. He has completed in-house development program for FBE Bratislava trainers.

Main references:

Mondi SCP, Komerční banka, Jungheinrich, Slovnaft, ESET, Slovak Telekom, SLSP, HMH, Siemens, Volkswagen Slovakia, ZUNO banka

Tomáš Laurenčík

Tomas has been FBE Trainer since 2008. He focuses mainly on trainings in areas such as managerial skills, communication and phone communication, teamwork, personal development and outdoor teambuilding programs. Tomas graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education & Sports at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Shortly after his studies, he remained professionally in the same Faculty as an Assistant Professor. He continues to be active as the sport Chief Trainer and/or Chief Instructor.

Main references:

PosAm, BASF, VÚB, Deloitte Audit, HMH, Osram, Schaeffler Skalica, ZUNO, Hella Slovakia, Slovnaft, ZSE, SPS, Vacuumschmelze


Program1st day
Registration 8:30
Program 9:00
Lunch 12:00
Program 13:00
Ending 16:30

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Price w/o VAT/pers. 220 € 200 €
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The price includes the training tuition, study materials, lunch and refreshments. The training registration deadline is 7 days before the opening of the course.
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