FBE Mission

To cooperate with our clients in developing their business strategies, human potential and corporate processes through interactive training programs, consulting, coaching, and project management.


FBE Values

Excellent service We are surpassing customer expectations through personal commitment, responsibility, and meaningful work.
Innovativeness We provide professional and original approach to innovations, within what we are entering the market with new ideas.
Teamwork Mutual cooperation is based on open communication, sharing of know/how, and good relationships.
We enjoy it Excellent results are being achieved thanks to our commitment and dedication.

FBE - For Business Excellence is a reliable partner adapting vast experience of the world´s leading companies to specific conditions of the domestic markets.
FBE is a member of the international consulting network -
SPIN (other members Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain a Switzerland) and cooperates with the partner companies in Canada, USA and Great Britain.


FBE - For Business Excellence is not only a company name but also represents a comprehensive methodology.
This approach uniquely connects the soft skills tools for human development with hard methodologies to improve and optimize processes. Development programs include not only high quality skills training supplemented with coaching, but also workshops and complex projects aimed to acquire specific measurable business goals. A strong team of internal trainers allows realizing the extensive programs for major clients (e.g. Volkswagen and many others).

History of FBE – 24 years of experience

History – FBE (For Business Excellence) is the trademark of companies FBE Bratislava s.r.o. and FBE Praha s.r.o. operating with a common team of trainers and common management. FBE follows the practice of training and consulting company “Systém inžinierskych služieb s.r.o.“, which was established in 1991 and company D&D Consulting s.r.o. Praha., operating in the Czech market since 1993.

Know-How FBE – Since 1992 a team of in-house consultants and trainers has gone through an intensive development program, where experts form international companies participated, and brought experience and know-how, which was then modify by Slovak and Czech trainers for the domestic business environment.

One of the company’s founding partners was John Mulholland – the Director of Training and Education at the National Industrial Fuel Efficiency Service, Ltd., United Kingdom. In Bratislava, in years 1991-1992, he conducted the first company trainings focusing on management and communication skills.

Long term collaborator is John Sipple – former director of Procter & Gamble, Florida, USA. Along with a team of colleagues he participated on the development of FBE’s change management seminars, in 1992 and Total Quality Management and High Performance Business Systems seminars, between years 1994 and 2000.

In 1993 FBE has started the cooperation with Volkswagen Slovakia (at that time Volkswagen Bratislava). From process quality improvement consulting, the cooperation has grown into strategic partnership at development of employees from all company levels and implementation of development projects, such as implementation of VW Production System. In 2007-2013 all employees were being trained and 16 in-house FBE trainers and consultants were long-term involved in the project. Further cooperation has been related to the production processes standardization, and later process analysis using FMEA, before running the selected products of the car production company.

Shaum Browne – the director of consulting company Hackland Browne & Associates, Canada, participated on the development of FBE’s “on-the-job“ training approach and effective methodology. Joh Marsh who in the 1990’s represented the United Kingdom in the ISO committee and participated on the innovation of the ISO 9000 standards to the 2000 version with elements of Total Quality Management / Continual Improvement, substantially contributed to the development of FBE’s know-how in process management. In 1992-2004 together with FBE, he also conducted process management seminars for companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Peter Mogan – board member of Regent College, Canada led the FBE communication trainings and negotiation. At the same time FBE cooperated with Josef Graf – director of the Akademie für Effizeinztraining, Austria, in the area of sales psychology, management system of sales teams and coaching of sales representatives.

FBE consultants have led from mid 90s until today many large projects of improving customer orientation, business and management for companies in financial services and sales, sucha s Česká pojišťovna, Tatra banka.

In addition to internal training by experts, FBE consultants attended trainings and work stay in USA, United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium.

Since 2009 FBE is a member of SPIN (Sustainable Performance Improvement Network) with international operation.

Due to expanding of open courses portfolio, in 2010 FBE built own training centerNikar Training Center, where FBE trainings, coaching, workshops, etc. take place.

The current FBE trainers’ team consists of more than 30 in-house trainers and consultants with practical experience with application of trained methods in real practice at the most important production and service companies.

FBE provides training and development

of organization‘s human potential in the areas:

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Communication skills and personal development
  • Business skills and customer orientation
  • Coaching and individual development
  • Planning of process improvement Lean Management, Six Sigma
  • Project management
  • Tools for process improvement, Statistical methods

FBE provides services

of project management and consultancy in the areas:

  • Strategic planning and effectiveness measurement, implementation of Balanced Scorecard
  • Management and management skills
  • Business, sales, customer orientation, call centers
  • Development of human resources, organizational culture analysis
  • Analysis and improvement of process effectiveness
  • Implementation of Six Sigma, Lean Management
  • Application of Statistic Process Control, Risk analysis, Total Productive Maintenance, etc.