Software for creation and management of value stream maps - support in implementation of Lean Management, mapping and managing of value streams.

Software „Value Stream Manager“ – consists of two basic parts – Master program which is used for creation of value stream maps and Mobile app for smartphones or tablets (both Android and iOS platform).

Master program „Value Stream Manager“ – is used for creation and management of value stream maps, management and monitoring of the process, but also for assigning responsibilities for data maintenance in particular sections of the process. In general, it is used by Lean Manager, Production Manager or by another employee responsible for managing value streams in the company. The program runs on Windows platform as well as on macOS from Apple Inc. It may be used separately or together with Mobile app, which is included in the price of the product.

Mobile app – is used for maintaining current data in created value stream maps. Responsible employees send process data to the Master program „Value Stream Manager“ through the mobile devices, which keeps your data up-to-date. At the same time, employees see directly in their devices data/information about their own processes, so it is immediately visible if they became the bottleneck in the value stream. Mobile app is available for Android and iOS platforms.

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„Value Stream Manager“ software benefits:

  • Systematic approach of detecting problems in value streams. Possibility to focus on those improvements, which have bigger impact on the whole value stream. „Value Stream Manager“ allows us to simulate the impact of individual solutions on the whole value stream.
  • Faster and easier creation of value stream maps in comparison to the excel or manual writing on brown paper.
  • Intuitive environment which leads to registration of all important data from the process.
  • Simplicity – if anything is changed in the value stream, „Value Stream Manager“ immediately recalculates and displays new results. Using this, it allows us to simulate changes with immediate recalculation of impact on the value stream parameters.
  • Due to the interconnection of mobile devices, the program provides us current and synchronized data collection from the process. „Value Stream Manager“ solves the basic issue of value stream mapping in excel, on paper or in other static forms, namely not up-to-date data or difficult updating of data.
  • Possibility to track multiple product families, as well as different sections of value stream in one map (e.g. sections with different working time).
  • Involvement of employees and increasing of awareness about value stream – based on assigned responsibilities for particular sections of value stream.

Price list (EUR)

Licencie type
Licence content
 Master program Mobile devices Price(€)* without VAT
Single licence
1 PC up to 10 1990
Triple licence up to 3 PC  up to 40  3950
Multilicence up to 10 PC unlimited 7900
Corporate licence
unlimited unlimited Individual agreement based on client’s needs

The above stated price does not include costs for computers, mobile devices or any adjustments and set ups of clients infrastructure.

* There is a discount of 10% when participating on the FBE Bratislava courses (Lean II. - VSM, Logistics or Six Sigma GB and BB). Discount is valid only when order is placed before the course or at the latest 1 month after the course.

Product description:

Master program „Value Stream Manager“ allows:

  • Simple and intuitive creation of value stream maps
  • Monitoring of processes in the real time, with current data
  • More effective process control
  • Updating of data directly by co-workers from the process
  • Fast identification of problematic parts of the process (bottlenecks)
  • Faster reaction when solving problems in the process
  • Better availability of value stream maps and information from the process
  • Selecting and inserting of input variables when creating value stream maps
  • Working with one or more product families
  • Creating process steps, warehouses, transports, suppliers and customers
  • Connecting individual process steps based on the process stream
  • Inserting notes directly into the value stream map (e.g. information about problem, etc.)
  • Assigning responsible person to individual process steps
  • See current occupancy of process steps
  • See the overall effectivity of the process cycle online, right after the data insertion
  • Automatic display of current Lead time
  • Creating and analyzing supporting documentation for Shopfloor management

Mobile app allows:

  • Recording the current data from the process to the value stream maps
  • Monitoring the efficiency of own workplace
  • Employees to have better overview about their process
  • Intuitive process management
  • Easier communication towards management
  • Employees to work with device they are used to (e.g. their own smartphones)

Technical Description

Master program „Value Stream Manager“ requires Microsoft Windows environment (Windows 7 and newer versions) or macOS from Apple Inc. Installation is not necessary, it is enough to unpack the zipped file and first launch the server application and then the program client.

Mobile app is designed for Android and iOS platform. The first launch of the application will install it automatically. For the installation on the iOS platform, it is necessary to know the UDID number of the device.

Mobile app serves as an accessory to the master program „Value Stream Manager“ and it is not possible to use it separately. For the launch of the mobile app, it is necessary to be connected to the computer server which is created by the master program „Value Stream Manager“.

Software Modification (optional service):
It is possible to modify the software based on client’s requirements. The price for potential modification of the software - e.g. command adjustment, automatic data transfer from external systems, adding the new service or functionality, etc. – will be estimated based on the modifications scope.

Training and Consultancy (optional service):
Supplier provides trainings and consulting services for application of "Value Stream Manager" software based on the customers requirements (not included in the software price).