Successful Communication: Focus is on Understanding

The Course is intended for all who wish to improve quality of their own personal communication skills and who feel at least partial responsibility for misunderstandings at work. This Course is highly interactive. Participants will play a communication game and practice numerous model situations in order to realize their strengths and areas for improvement in their interpersonal communication.

Goals of the training

  • Improve and develop efficient interpersonal communication skills in order to avoid misunderstandings at work.
  • Develop convincing communication skills.
  • Train participants to effectively manage various communication situations at work.


Communication Game (initial interactive exercise with detailed analysis). The game will demonstrate strengths and areas for improvement in participants' communication. The debriefing will serve as a basis for further exploration of communication themes that are most relevant for participants.


Successful Communication – with Focus on Understanding

  • Why don't we understand each other? How to prevent misunderstandings? The role of feedback.

Verbal Communication

  • The meaning of words, intention in communication, positive expressions.

Non-Verbal Communication

  • Role of non-verbal communication, inconsistency between verbal and nonverbal messages.

Active Listening

  • How much does it cost if we do not pay attention to our communication partners?
  • The role of active listening in conflict prevention.

Vertical and Horizontal Communication

  • Practicing specific communication situations (how to tell my colleague that he does not provide me needed documents on time; my boss does not specify priorities of tasks so I end up working on assignments that could have waited and delaying more important ones; how to reduce stress at work, how to prevent conflicts).

Facts and Assumptions

  • How to differentiate between facts and assumptions in communication.