Leadership I

Leader‘s Personal Development – I Can Always Be Better


  • Strengthen participants’ leadership skills & approach.
  • Develop at accepting and analysing the feedback from people around you.
  • Develop in self-reflection.
  • Understand own motivations.
  • Provide the attendees with an impulse for a systematic personal development.


Leadership Starting Points

  • Focus on people, positive attitude, strategic thinking
  • Inspiration from other leaders (true stories – personal best-leadership experience)

Leader‘s Personality

  • Manager or leader? Organization or vision; goal-orientated or focused on people; with attention to detail and system versus to new ideas and creativity
  • Leader‘s personal features
  • Leader – sources of influence and authority

Personal Motivation

  • Why do I want to develop own leadership skills and attitudes
  • What is my own source of motivation, energy and power to be willing work on issues ”out of my comfort zone“
  • What is my learning style, when I enjoy study, how to use it in personal development

Ability to Accept Feedback – Looking Back to Mirror

  • Openness and ability to perceive feedback
  • How to get objective feedback
  • What do I know of myself

Test I-SPEAK Your Language®

  • If we speak one language, does not mean it is the same speech
  • The leader speaks the tongue of those who listen, by the speech of those he is leading

Inspirational Communication – Communication That Matters

  • Leader communicates authentically by using own strengths. We and your fellows mirror the course attendees by giving you an honest feedback. You‘ll learn what are your strengths in communication and where to build on while not losing your own self.

How to Work on Personal Development

  • Systematic feedback
  • Self-reflection and auto – coaching
  • Coaching, mentoring, consulting or feed-backing, etc.

Shared summary of a selected book on leadership topic