Persuasive Sales - Sales Techniques

The Course “Persuasive Sales” is intended for all sales staff, sales representatives, head of sales departments and anyone who wish to adopt collaborative approach with clients and customers. At this Course, you gain confidence and discover techniques helping it use properly, as they are crucial to succeed.

Goals of the training

  • Improve at verbal and non-verbal communication by appearing precise, using facts and well accepted by customers.
  • Develop skills for active listening, for understanding your customer needs and expectations.
  • Effective utilization of sales techniques by sales representatives when seeking customers, in first contact with customer, at presenting company products, handling objections, at making a deal.


Professional Business Communication

  • Confidence, precision, rational and constructiveness

Persuasive Sales Structure

  • Sales as sequence of steps

Product /or Service Knowledge

  • Technical parameters and its advantages
  • Selling a benefit as business philosophy
  • Argument with benefits

Discovering Needs

  • Good questions technique, capturing customer needs

Product /or Service Presentation

  • What benefits does customer get from us
  • Compelling presentation

Encountering Resistance

  • Prepare for objections, handling techniques

Concluding A Deal

  • Mutual interest, development in product over time, technique of discovery
  • Purchase signals, techniques for concluding an agreement

Customer Care

  • Importance, methods