Management Systems for Efficiency Improvement – Lean and Six Sigma
TQM I – Process Improvement Planning


How to Increase Process Efficiency? Systems of Continuous Process Improvement. Lean Management and Six Sigma and Why to Apply Them

  • Case study of process improvement in an organization. Video. Problems identification in internal customer relations, and their impact on outside customer satisfaction.
  • Trends in management systems. Relationship between ISO 9001, IATF 16949, Kaizen, Lean Management and Six Sigma. EFQM Excellence Model in practice.

Strategic Improvement Planning – Customer Orientation

  • Process description with defining internal and external customers and suppliers, defining resources and limits. Customer requirements and needs, and indicators of their fulfilment.
  • Strategic vision, mission and requirements of stakeholders.
  • Identification of critical success factors. Use of managerial statistical tools to define priorities in improvement planning.
  • Matrix of critical factors and processes.
  • Goals and improvement measurement. KPI (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Application of the QFD (Quality Function Deployment) method in planning.
  • Procedure of choosing projects. Lean Six Sigma compared to traditional process improvement.

Benchmarking and Improvement

  • Improvement methodology based on comparison with the best (benchmarking).
  • Practical application. Goals of efficiency-increasing projects.

BSC – Balanced Scorecard

  • Practical application of a system to transfer strategies into objectives and performance measurement.

Project Goals and Motivation for Process Improvement

  • Project goals definition and benefits measurement.
  • Building a corporate culture that supports process improvement. Motivation for improvement.
  • Experiences from implementation of process improvement motivational systems in companies.

Transferring Customer Requirements and Evaluation into Continuous Improvement of Internal Company Processes. Practical Experience from Implementation in Car Production Industry, other Production Industries and in Services (financial, IT, etc.).

  • Presentation of domestic and international experience.