Motivating Employees
How can a personnel manager influence employee motivation

Knowing how to motivate employees is one of the fundamental prerequisites of successful company management. There are important things for the employees other than money. A pay rise is short-term motivation. What to offer people so that their motivation lasts longer? The course on “Motivation of employees – how can a personnel manager influence employee motivation“ offers you a manual on how to do this.

Goals of the training

  • Effectively look for motivational factors for employees.
  • Improve in motivational processes (satisfaction, positive approach, motivation).
  • Improve in internal PR on motivation.
  • Minimize employee fluctuation with proper motivation.


Motivation as a managerial tool

  • How to create a working environment for your employees so that they will not want to leave
  • What is the relation between praise, remuneration, performance and results?
  • How to arouse employee responsibility in the spirit of “quid pro quo“?
  • Motivation tools (praise and recognition, couching approach in assigning tasks, regular feedback to employees – both positive and negative, support of team work, nonwork activities).

How does a successful company work?

  • Chooses motivated people
  • Maintains motivation (spares no recognition, praise, supports team work, gives feedback, etc.)
  • Continuing interest in employee motivation, even after years spent working for the company

Internal PR and motivation

  • Twenty satisfaction factors
  • How to “sell” motivation factors?
  • How and what to communicate?
  • How to check motivation? – feedback for the company

The course lecturers for “Motivation of employees – how can a personnel manager influence employee motivation “ have long-term experience on the positions of HR managers of prominent companies and have practical experience in the area of human resource management.