How to Establish Effective Corporate Education

The development of company's human resources includes employees’ career management in order to achieve an alignment between people potential, motivation, and the company objectives. Cost of employees’ development is an investment into company’s "Human Resources" (human capital) and in terms of effectiveness and return on investment should be evaluated in the same way as any other investment.

The effectiveness people development and education is based on three main factors:

  • Correct determination of development and education needs
  • Selection of appropriate education methods
  • Regular evaluation of education and training results

This training brings answers to key challenges of effective corporate education.

Goals of the training

Develop or improve participants’ ability to:

  • specify objectives of training and education process including evaluation of the current level of employees’ competences and links to competence models,
  • determine employees’ development and education needs,
  • select appropriate education and development methods and actions,
  • evaluate effectiveness of the education process.


  • Practices and concepts in the field of education and skills development
  • Education in the context of major HR systems (people, performance and remuneration, information and communication, work and organisation, leadership)
  • Role of management and HR in effective corporate education
  • Identification and specification of standards
  • Evaluation of individuals and evaluation of company
  • Investing into talent development
  • Knowledge tracking and monitoring
  • What do we mean by a “creating a prerequisites for success”? HR officers and managers as creators of prerequisites for success.