Overview of Process Improvement Methods

Goals of the training

  • Acquire an overview of the most used process improvement methods and related benefits.
  • Improve competences in building of related training and development programs.
  • Improve ability to partner and communicate with technical departments about training objectives and methodologies.
  • Increase efficiency of training coordinators.

 Examples of simulations and games utilized at the dedicated training sessions will be presented.


How to link development needs with the training contents and methods

  • Trends in process improvement trainings - examples
  • How to link training contents with participants’ work practice

Process and problem description methods

  • What methods are used for process description?
  • QFD – How to reflect the customers’ requirements in our products and processes?

Process analysis methods (explained via simulation/game and practical demonstrations)

  • SPC (Statistical Process Control) – Statistical management methods
  • DOE – Process improvement via experiment

Improvement methodologies

  • 8D – Handling of complaints based on PDCA cycle
  • Lean Management, Six Sigma and Kaizen

How to measure training benefits

  • Kirkpatrik's Model based on evaluation of participant’s satisfaction, improvement of knowledge, improvement in skills, application into practice and influence on results