Coaching Feedback - Manager as Coach

The Course is intended for managers who wish to develop their staff through coaching. By a well conducted coaching interview, it is likely to achieve better performance and business results of individual staff or work teams.

Goals of the training

  • Improve at manager‘s skills to lead coaching interviews.
  • Develop or gain skills for giving effective feedback.
  • Improve in coaching interview conclusions.


Role of the Coaching in Management

  • Professional staff development, induction trainings, coaching, supervising performance; the role of coaching in manager‘s practice, challenges in coaching

Coaching Concept

  • Coaching as tool for development and staff motivation; coaching focused on gaining skills;
  • coaching focused on managing one‘s role; coaching focused on personality development

Coaching Strategy

  • Coaching & strategy and how to achieve both through coaching

How to Conduct Coaching Interview

  • Structure, how to ask coachee about his/her opinion on own performance; comment his view; communicate on performance - “highlight the most important“ – strengths; give effective feedback; select three specific tasks and set common goals for individual development; positive conclusion

Coaching Interview Rules

  • Focus on performance, expressing rational and comprehensive, keeping motivation

Giving Feedback

  • Positive supervision and technique for coaching questions

Alternative Communication Techniques

  • Handling coachee‘s objections