Presentation Skills in English I

The “Presentation Skills” Course in English is designed for all, who need to present their plans or results of their work in front of a small group of listeners and want to work hard on their professional performance while presenting. The course is focused on eliminating disruptive elements in presenter‘s speech, learning how to structure a logical presentation, be convincing and eliminate or dissolve potential nervousness related to presenting.

Training Goals

  • Develop presenter’s presentation skills and apply those skills effectively.
  • Preparing of sample presentations (simple, logical, convincing).
  • Teach participants how to attract their audience‘s attention and get convincing.
  • Improve verbal and non-verbal part of a presentation.


Preparing a presentation

  • Presenting in front of a small group of listeners, setting goals of presentation, target
  • group audience, approach analysis, preparing of contents, presentation structure–introduction, midpoint and conclusion.

Preparation and working with visual aids

  • Rules how to prepare slides, working with multimedia data projector, flipchart, notes.

Verbal side of a presentation

  • Avoiding word “I/me”, argumentation by benefits, various types of argumentation, questions and discussion, active listening.

Non-verbal aspects of a presentation

  • Gesticulation, eye contact, body language, purpose of presenting while sitting, presenting
  • while standing, how does target audience size influence the nonverbal part of presentation.

Convincing Presentation

  • Presenting facts, rational appeal, involvement of feelings, emotional appeal.

Copying with stage-fright

  • Practicing, breathing exercises and small tricks how to cope with stage-fright.

Presentation skills Training – Intensive video-training

Course Characteristics

Main focus of this Training Course is intensive video-training. Number of participants per course is limited (max 8). This course is available for participants with advanced command of English.